Bodypainting is the most personal form of haute couture clothing or jewelry adornment imaginable.

The human body becomes the canvas which is transformed into an individual piece of artwork. It can be the frame of the picture, or the ornament itself.

Handpainted bodypainting is an almost sensual experience, culminating in a moment of serene beauty or vivid visualisation. Documented through photography, film, or a live performance, bodypainting can be a freeing and unforgettable experience.

Body Art is the ultimate branding, and bodypainting is the new darling medium of the advertising industry, formerly a taboo subject, body art has migrated from subculture to an accepted artform, and is now an integral part of advertisement imagery.

Events and Promotions
Whether it is the launch of a new perfume, the opening of a new business, a lavish party, a New Year Eve Bash, or the need to get people together for any reason - Bodypainting is fun and can be an integral part of your event. Bodypainting is for you; your Models, your Dancers or Performers, or your Guests!

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